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Premium Imported Grains
Fresh Milled in Thailand

Designed  by  Chef  for  Chef 

Farina Per Pizza
W300 +/- 30

Imported Grain Wheat Type Flour'O'

Soft wheat flour type "0", developed by our technical staff according to feedbacks provide*, by international Italian Pizzaioli for medium - long rising period dough.

The dough needs to rise between 8 and 48 hours, and baked at a temperature of 350 °C +.The maturation peak is reached at 24/48 hours.

Ideal flour for making a high quality pizza, very soft, fragrant and easily digestible. It is a particularly well-floured flour in the flour milling process: buns could be stored in refrigerated cells, even for several days, before being used if necessary.

Preparing Dough

Leggera W320/340 

For light pizzas and airy fragrant crusts.


A perfect flour for focaccia, pinsa, pala pizza and contemporary pizza.

T 55 Bonne Baguette 

Designed for bakers to make tasty and fragrant classic baguette bread, or ciabatta perfect for light crispy bread with a soft white crumb.


T.65 Sourdough  

Type 1 - T.65 - provides the right balance between the bread making properties typical of refined flour and the increased nutritional content guaranteed by whole grain, common wheat flour. Unlike white 00 and 0 flour, this type of flour is less refined because it contains a greater quantity of bran and wheat germ which are packed with fiber, mineral salts and vitamins, significantly improving its nutritional value and making it easier to digest. 


T 65 Sourdough flour is suggested to be mixed with Remilled Semolina for your daily pacification.

This type of flour is best known for making sour dough bread production, long leaving breads, panini and sourdough based  breads. This flour gives a light texture to the bread with a crispy crust and unique scents of artisanal bread. Protein content is high, and fermentation tolerance is phenomenal. 

Remilled Semolina

Remilled durum wheat semolina, obtained with an extra step during milling, finer grained, lighter in colour than semolina, ideal for bread, pizza and focaccia.

Pasta: Its coarser texture all0ws the pasta to hold onto sauces better. can elevate the texture and flavor of your pasta.

Bread: Remilled Semolina can be used in bread recipes to add a rustic texture and flavor. It works well in artisan bread, sourdough loaves, and various rustic bread types. By incorporating Semola ''Rimacinata'' into the dough, you can achieve a denser crumb and a chewier texture
that enhances the overall bread experience.

Pizza & Focaccia : Remilled Semolina flour is typically used to make Pizza Pugliese, Focaccia, Focaccia Barese as it has a very high. percentage of gluten-developing proteins, which is what gives the dough its stretch and elasticity.

Straining Flour

Spolverina di Semola

Coarse-grained wheat flour, ideal for opening the pizza doagh. It does not dust the counter, is not sticky and makes the pizza crust more fragrant and golden, preventing it from burning in the oven.

It is a pure durum wheat extraction flour, which is ideal for rolling out pizza and focaccia due to its special characteristics and special milling. Compared to O or 00, it has a less powdery texture, facilitates baking, increases crispness, and imparts more browning to the classic crust.


Farina per Pizza 1 Kg Bag W300

Hydration 67o/o-68%

Medium-long leavening
Suited for direct and indirect

Rheological values:
W300( + /-30)
Protein : 13% SS MAX
Ashes : 0,65%SS MAX


Flour Specification

(1x10Kg box) W 300 

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